Sunday, August 24, 2014


It's been a while since I've taken time out to write. Being a mommy of two is really no joke. It's two loads of laundry a day, added dishes, an angry toddler and a fussy baby in my arms. I wouldn't change a thing though.

The love these boys already have for each other warms my heart. B kisses RyJo a million times a day and brings him just as many toys. He checks on him when he cries and talks to him every chance he gets. He has this need to touch Ryker. He always wants to be holding hands or in his face. As annoying as it may be, it also makes me smile. I love seeing B caring for his little brother.

Mentioning my sweet B, he's two!!! Who knew babies turned into toddlers so fast!? He is such a delight. We spent his birthday home in FL and learned a lot about who our son really is. We've changed up our discipline methods (more on this later) and we're trying to encourage him more. He is a tough cookie and challenges me every day but I need that challenge. 

And then there's our big two month old! I don't lie when I say big; He is a hefty 14lbs! My arms ache after carrying him so he gets wrapped more often then not. He's just now sleeping 5 hours straight at night but still needs to eat every 2 hours during the day. He smiles, coos, and swats at his toys. He is truly precious. 

God has truly blessed us with these two. They're a handful and have presented us with a huge learning curve but I like to think we've combated it well. 

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