Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Review;

This past weekend was quite a blast for my boys. Early Saturday morning we loaded up the Xterra and drove 5 hours to Carlisle, PA for the 2014 Ford Nationals. The drive went incredibly well! B got in a super good nap and Roscoe stayed on Daddy rhe whole time.

There was so many cars at the show. Mostly Mustangs but that's the boy's main interest anyways. We walked over five miles in 90 degree heat to view the hundreds of cars. B was extremely well behaved and enjoyed calling out colors and saying "GT". Chance on the other hand was in a complete daze. He was everywhere! He was super excited for the burn out competition and even more excited for the 2015 mustang the show had on hand. He had to have pictures and drooled at it for quite some time.

There was also a pretty cool swap meet at the show. Chance found a Mustang he really wants to buy and B scored a couple hot wheels along with some cool new shirts. We stayed Saturday night and went back Sunday morning but at that point the show was dying down. We walked around for a few houes before deciding it was time to head back to VA.

We had such a great time!  It was a really good mini vacation before baby. B was great and the boys loved the cars. My big ole pregnant self returned swollen and sore but I loved seeing the boys so happy.

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