Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Review

It has been such a great weekend for us! This post will be rather lenghty since we've done so much lately.

We are the proud owners of my dream vehicle! 2013 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X. We decided our cars were to small for both babies and all of the stuff we drag along. We spent three days at the dealership but finally got a great price and left happy. I'm already not loving the one vehicle but we'll remedy that soon enough.

We also got B a new bed! With Ryker on the way we knew that we'd need a toddler bed for B. We moved the crib to our room to make breast feeding easier on me and set the new bed up. He loves that he has a car bed. 

We also spent a little time at a car show. B wasn't into taking pictures unfortunately. He's rocking his new Moraki diaper (I'm in love) for memorial day.

Sunday night we spent sometime with our new friends. Combined we have 6 kids and Ryker will make the 7th. We've been hanging out more and more these past two weeks.  It feels great to get along with people that have kids for B to play with. We had a great time and didn't leave until midnight. Everyone was pooped the next day!

Yesterday was the last day the Chrysler Duck was in Norfolk. We finally took time to see it. It was HUGE. So many people were there to see it. B keep quacking and saying yellow. I think it's safe to say he was impressed with the giant bath toy.

We spent our Memorial day weekend as a family. We took time to honor our lost loved ones and remember the freedom they have helped keep possible. Overall we had a great Memorial day weekend and I'm so thankful we spent time together and with our wonderful friends. 

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